Master David Reed

Master David W. Reed   6th Dan

Master David ReedWhile he received some informal martial arts training as a youth, Master Reed did not begin formal and intensive training until he was 45. He received his 1st Dan from Ms. Tami Rainbolt at the International Professional Martial Arts Federation headed by Master Steven Jon WhiteMaster Reed 2nd dan in 1998. His 2nd and 3rd Dan promotions followed in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

Master Reed was awarded his 4th Dan certificate early in 2007 from Grand Master Jae Joon Kim, making David one of the last practitioners to receive a Dan Certificate before Grand Master’s sudden passing.

Master Reed received his Master Instructor Certificate a year later, from Grand Master Saul M. Kim of the World Traditional Tang Soo Do Federation and has taught classes at United States Tang Soo Do since 2007.

Master Reed was promoted to 5th Dan and in 2012 to 6th Dan by the World Martial Arts Testing Authority under Grand Master Samuel Frazier III.

Master Reed has trained in several weapons including: Sword, Bong (staff), Nunchaku, Escrima, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, and Kuboton. In 2011 he conducted 2 eight week seminars on Long Staff (Jang Bong) and Nunchaku. He has promised that more weapons seminars shall follow soon.

Master Reed is founding Principal of David Reed, Landscape Architects, a long time and well respected Landscape Architecture firm in San Diego. The firm’s work can be seen in many of San Diego’s landmarks, including several major gardens in Balboa Park.