Membership Code of Conduct

1. Members shall follow the principles of the United States Tang Soo Do, Inc.

  • Tang Soo Do is a classical martial art and not a sport. It is not a game to be played solely for the sake of winning, but rather a physical and intellectual activity designed to foster physical, mental and spiritual health.

  • As a classical martial art, Tang Soo Do aims to develop and expresses the individual’s true self, not the false self of glorification.

  • The major focus is on self-development. Competition by groups or individuals is of minor usefulness in realizing individual potential.

  • Every practitioner of Tang Soo Do must do his/her utmost to retain the purity of this art and not debase it in any way.

  • Man is at his best when helping others; at his worst when competing with others.

    Every member shall:


  1. Seek truth
  2. Work at developing his/her highest moral character
  3. Strive for humility
  4. Love his / her country
  5. Sacrifice himself / herself for justice
  6. Contribute by example to the acceptance of the World Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do Federation as the most genuine of the martial arts
  7. Develop his/her endurance
  8. Value confidence and peace of mind

2. Dues and Fees:

Members of United States Tang Soo Do must keep dues and charges current.

3. Set the example:

Members shall conduct themselves at all times as an example of what a proper martial artist should be. It is a responsibility that members shall bear seriously and proudly!