Master Randy Erickson, 4th DAN

Master Randy Erickson, 5th Dan         

Master Erickson

Master Randy Erickson started his martial arts training more than 25 years ago when he was in college. Since then, he studied Kempo, Coung Nhu, Judo, and Wing Chun before joining United States Tang Soo Do..

Master Erickson recently received his 4th Dan from Grand Masters Sam Frazier III and Bonnie Welch and is an instructor at United States Tang Soo Do.  His Thursday night classes are famous (infamous) for their physical conditioning and emphasis on forms and self-defense.

For Master Erickson, martial arts is a family practice. His son has obtained his 2nd Dan and his daughter recently tested for her 2nd Dan as well.

Mr. Erickson is an attorney and a partner in the Law Firm of Zampi, Determan and Erickson, LLP, specializing in representing school and college districts..