Master Mark Garrow, 5th DAN

Master Mark Garrow, 5th Dan


Master Mark Garrow was born into a military family.  Until he settled in San Diego in 1980, he moved 12 times around the U.S. as well as spending 5 years in two European countries, Italy and Germany. Finishing high school in Stuttgart, he went on to the University of Maryland in Munich Germany for two years before returning to the US and San Diego.

Master Garrow briefly attended several martial arts schools at different duty stations while growing up, giving him a grounding in the basic concepts.  It wasn’t until joining Grand Master Frazier at his original school in Lakeside, CA in 1997 that he found himself excelling.

Master Garrow’s 1st DAN was awarded in Lakeside and signed by both Master Frazier and Grand Master Jae Joon KimGrand Master Frazier and Grand Master Welch awarded him 5th DAN on January 1, 2014  through the World Martial Arts Testing Authority.

Master Garrow currently lives in Ramona, CA, managing his real estate business.  He continues to train and teach at United States Tang Soo Do in La Mesa, CA.