Master Adam Manley, 4th DAN

Master Adam Manley 4th DAN

Master Adam Manley






Master Adam Manley began training in 1993 with Golden State Martial Arts in Ramona, CA. He received his 1st Dan (Junior) from the International Professional Martial Arts Federation headed by Master Steven Jon White in 1997. He promoted up through 4th Dan (Junior) before receiving his 1st Dan (Adult) in 1999 and 2nd Dan in 2001. After a hiatus for college and then moving to La Mesa, Master Manley began training at United States Tang Soo Do in late 2011. He was awarded 3rd Dan in 2012 and 4th Dan in 2014 from the World Martial Art testing Authority under Grand Master Samuel Frazier III and Grand Master Bonnie Welch.

Master Manley has trained in several weapons including: Sword, Staff, Nunchaku, Escrima, Sai, Tonfa, and Kama. He also used to compete on the national circuit in Sparring and Breaking. He has been instructing classes and providing private lessons for over 15 years.

Master Manley is a Senior Software Developer at San Diego Gas & Electric, working on major projects revolving around renewable energy solutions and advanced energy storage