Historical References

Karate has a deep history much of which has been lost to time. Occasionally we (USTSD Masters) come across articles from various sources that can help shed light on how Martial Arts has developed into today’s modern version. The more you investigate, the more you will find that modern Karate has been influenced from many sources. We cite Master Idos with the creation of the Pyong Ahn forms. Master Idos is also known as Itosu Anko or Master Ito. You will find reference to him in many historical references.

This page will provide links to outside sources of historical interest. It is up to you to decide if the information provided is historically correct.

Making Sense of Bassai form (or Passai or Patsai as it is also known).

Hwang Kee ◦Old video of GM Kee and his students running through drills and forms. GM Kee was responsible for sending GM Jae Joon Kim to the USA to open schools. This is our lineage!