The benefits of participating in a safe, high quality martial arts program are many, for both children and adults. Students not only learn self-defense skills, but develop self-confidence, self-discipline and self-respect. Martial arts study includes physical conditioning that improves fitness, strength, flexibility and coordination. Martial arts study includes mental training, promoting mental focus, stamina and stress relief. And it includes specific techniques for self-awareness and self-defense for rapid, effective applications in any environment.

Being a classical style, United States Tang Soo Do adheres to the traditions of martial arts.Accordingly, our students learn the history martial arts and of the system, including culture and language. As per martial arts traditions, students are expected to show respect for their instructors, peers, family and friends, gain a sense of accomplishment for what they achieve, and an appreciation for the hard work that they put in as they progress through the ranks.

Our classes are specifically structured so that the whole family can participate together, making it a fulfilling and enjoyable experience for adults and youths. – Please read Why USTSD